Audrie came up with the idea our Bible study needs to make kids' Christmas shoe boxes to be donated! So she presented us with the challenge of filling a shoe box with items for a 14 year old girl. That got my brain workin' overtime. What do teens LIKE these days? Helloooooo all 14 year old girls are into make-up!

Being a former make-up artist & still loving the daily play in color, I figured every girl needs a roll n carry make-up case. It doesn't take too much room in the ol' messenger bag AND it's cute!

My sewing machine got a full length workout & my trusty seam ripper was ready!
I only had to pull out 1 or 2...

I found the perfect starter kit for a young girl who may not have the advantages we do in the U.S. It warmed my heart to be able to do something personal at Christmas!
What fun things are you making?
What ways do you share Christmas with others???
More Wild Curl news...
I can't wait!!! UPS needs to hurry with my little one, so I can get movin' on this new adventure.