christmas 2010

i had a lovely little Christmas this year & really enjoyed the preparations of seeing in a new Season!
i tried to spend time soul-cleaning & found some new, wonderful people in the process.
God blessed me with truly special time with people i love. i am so thankful for every moment.

these are a few I captured...

i love my JOY cup.  it's stayed full of hot cocoa, tea & coffee all winter.
when I'm chilly, it reminds me what truly warms me inside & out.

when I arrived home, Mom had everything sparkly & beautiful.
I love their little tree with our family ornaments on it. She unwrapped some really old 
ones, which brought a flood of Christmas memories to my mind...

....one being the year she spent making these glorious ornaments for our tree.

Mom & Dad bought this nativity set when my brother was a little guy (30+ years ago). 
They still put the set out every year...and hide the Baby Jesus until Christmas Eve.

I've learned so much about giving from my parents, who both serve the Catholic church & people of our home parish. This year, Mom made lots of baked goods, like empanadas. After Mass, she & Dad took them to a shut-in couple in the mountains, along with Christmas Communion.

I wanted to attempt something special for people that would be from my heart.
I knitted scarves for several of my friends & family. I loved it!  It brought good time to watch Christmas movies & time to think about Who we were preparing for.

This was a very special, warm Christmas full of fantastic people, fun & renewal.
Thank you Lord for coming to give us a chance to bring You to the whole world.


beeville disciple NOW tees!

my wonderful friend Mike Bryant asked me to design Grounded Student Ministries' 
Disciple NOW tees for a second year. 
i was so excited & overjoyed to design something for the teens! 



i've volunteered a D-NOW weekend for this church 
& it is an AWESOME example of community outpouring, love & support. 

Thank you Beeville Baptist for this blessing. God be with you all as you proclaim His ways.


building, building, building

hello & happy tuesday!
the Christmas season is slowly becoming a twinkling vision in my rear view mirror,
but i have so many memories to keep me through the year...along with some fun work!

i've been busy building some graphics stuff, behind the scenes...

this little ditty was build for a magazine, host to Gary Rhodes Photography!
Gary's an awesome photographer, husband & dad--by far one of my favorite people!

Need photos in Abilene, Tx? THIS is the guy to contact.


fredericks wedding

I was blessed to take wedding photos for Ed & Betsy Fredericks' wedding. I'm not typically a wedding photographer, but thankfully, they didn't want typical wedding photos.

I slipped into the church & took this through a window as Betsy prayed before their Mass.

i love the bride & groom slipping away to cut their cupcake alone...

thank you so much for asking me to be part of your special night.
may God bless every moment of your new life together.


kingham family outtakes!

you all know i love some silly action during a shoot. 
the Kingham family was more than happy to oblige some outtakes! 

we had Mom & Daughter moments...

...sister/cousin moments...

...magazine supermodel moments...

...hangin' in tree moments...

....complete w/ surprsie smooching moments!

what a fun, fun family to photograph!  Louisiana Love anyone?

For a bonus, tune in to Robin's family  
on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives , Jan. 24th, 8:00 p.m. CST.

Her Dad's restaurant, Louie & The Redhead Lady,  is making its TV debut!!!
(Robin's the awesome lady workin' hard in the kitchen!)

Congratulations Chef Louie, Ginger & Finnan Crew on your Food Network debut!

Miss Ginger, Guy Fieri of DDD & Chef Louie, "The Godfather"

missing in action?

no! just busier than usual. wa-hooo!!
wild curl has lots to share the next few weeks. life has been interesting & always a blessing.
Christmas was glorious & the new year promises to be even more exciting than the last!

for now...let me intro you to the Kinghams & their super fun family!

thank you so much for sharing the evening with you & for makin' me an ol' fashioned Louisiana dinner!
i love you guys & loved photographing your family.

~miss kate


new to wild curl! - outtakes!

i love some fun during a shoot and did jen & robert ever keep me entertained!

jen,  thank you for...being you.

(as promised, friends, i will now include outtakes as part of my shoots--let the games begin!)

P.s. thank you, o wonderful tribe, for lovin' the me that i am 
& encouraging me to bring my blog to you exactly that way.


jen & robert, take two!

i had so much fun shooting robert & jen, we all agreed we wanted to shoot some more photos!  i am so very glad we did. not only did i get to hang out with this fantastic couple again, but got to try out some new stuff. 
woo hoo! away we goooooo.....!

thanks again, robert & jen! you're awesome folks in every way.