Fiddlesticks Farms!

Good days with friends harbor in the soul of memories. I am blessed to have spent the afternoon with two amazing friends & a squirt of a girl with a 10+ personality! We headed out east on Hwy 158 to Fiddlesticks Farms to take part in none other than their outstanding "cornfield maize." ha ha. The farm provides family fun with generous supplies of funnel cake, corn & pumpkin cannons & a hay ride around the farm.
We were greeted at the entrance of the maze by a baby rattle snake. At that point I tried to turn to leave. I was cheered forward into the depths of the 1,000+ cornstalks grown in the shape of an armadillo & rider (see photo lower down). Kathleen was pumped about getting to the Super Slide, while Audrie & I whined about 3/4 of the way through the maze about funnel cake. Maribel lead us through the maze with great confidence as we attempted to avoid dead ends--ohhh, there were MANY. With the aid of a "Corn Cop," Kathleen soldiered us onto victory! Maribel proudly clanged the black finish-line bell to announced our survial! After the maze, there were funnel cake intros (Kathleen's 1st fried-treat experience) , goat observations, a little rain & lots of pictures.

cow train ride
(complete w/ John Deere tractor)

entrance to the Cornfield Maize

Children of (God) in the Corn. *LOL*
Kathleen & Maribel on the Super Slide

country store & the actual shape of the cornfield maze
carved into their official pumpkin
what's up with this cool farm truck
from my home state?!

Audrie & her "little sister," Maribel

All in all it was a great afternoon & a completely fantastic way to spend time with friends I love dearly. I am so thankful for really awesome, entertaining friends & sisters in God.
How are you making memories these days?
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Moments of Pure Joy...in the Past 7 Days.

Do you ever have moments of pure joy where God shows you how big & very real He is?

Last Saturday, I enjoyed the St. Ann's Fair w/ a friend & his son. God showed me every possible combination of joy, love & peace in a few short hours. Believe me when I say I took in every sight, sound & smell possible. I was completely engrossed in a world full of whistles, music, children's voices, books, cotton candy, bright colors, & laughter.

A few days later, I spent a most wonderful evening with my precious friend Molly. As always, our time was filled with talk of God's change in our lives & His amazing goodness as He forms us in this world. As an über-bonus, we talked of art, creation & our use of it to glorify His profound wonders.
Let me share some of our night...

Art mags, yummy joe & wedding planning.

A quiet spot in the corner of the café for secrets & prayers.

Molly after too many cups of coffee.
Molly's favorite artist, revealed!
Molls shyly peeking from behind my journal.
My Week of Joy went a little like this:
- Wed. night, Molly introduced me to a new sister--
The Passionate, Vibrant Amazing Carra!

- The next night, The P.V.A. Carra & I shared a lesson over Acts 4 at 18-24 CBS along with Bonnie the Fabulous, Kim the Amazing & Angie the Inspiring.

- Friday, I was humbled to be able to make lunch for my darling Cymbre. Parts of my heart cry she & Mike (Big Jerkface Bob) are leaving to begin a new life in South Texas, but I am thrilled to have yet another place to visit! They bring me joy every day! Their dedication to Our Papa God has been so inspiring & healing for me!
- Saturday, I spent an exhilarating breakfast w/ Carra talking of
...which lead to lunch....which broke at 2 o'clock only by a previously scheduled event.

I am humbled by undeserved moments of joy...

and my God who lovingly, willingly & joyously brings them to me.

Now it's YOUR turn to share with me:

What brings you surprising joy?