Lovely Sarah - First Photo Shoot

It's been almost 2 years since I've had a camera in hand for a portrait...
I've missed it...and the peace it brings me. ~kmd

SUNDAY: After a wonderful lunch with her awesome family, Sarah volunteered to be the first portrait shoot with my new Nikon. I was a little nervous about the digi-cam, but being Sarah the teacher, she quickly put me at ease with her contageous laughter, silliness & endless patience. So we figured things out together (quite literally) & it all worked out great! Great friends are my diamond necklaces & their love my mansions. Enjoy!

I thank my sweet God for a spectacular day
& a gentle push into answered prayer.

New Stuff in my Life!

I had a really great weekend! I worked a little & played a little, so I'll be posting two blogs today. I know, weird - especially for me.

I made my first clothing project. Sleeper shorts! I'm not sure who is going to get these for Christmas, but I'm right proud of them. WOO HOO! Mom helped me about 100% with these babies. First she whipped out a homemade pattern on her kitchen table the last day of Thanksgiving vacation, then answered many maaaaany silly questions after I was back in Texas!

I picked out some fun, non-holiday fabric at Hobby Lobby

....and this panel

...became these sleepers!

I love them & I can't wait to make more!

What fun Holiday stuff are you guys making for your friends & family?
Please share! I love new ideas & seeing people's hearts at work!
O Happy Christmas to All!