Home Makin' Stuff

The past few weeks have been very confusing for me. At first I was this: "whatever! It's gonna all be cool." Then the next week I was, "LAY ME OFF?! You'll see, New York, you'll need me!!" Then it was on to, "Oh my heavens, I really don't have a job." All the way to, "Okay! So let's start a business & make staying at home work for ME!!!" All stages have had plenty of laughing, crying, freakin' out & general peace. God knows what He's doing....so I may as well let Him do it without resisting. Instead, I'm going with the flow & seeing what's what.
"So what's she been really doing?" you ask.


Sooooo many fabrics...what to do...what to do....?

So many rows & rows of clothes, pillows, purses & curtains waiting to be made! Wait....CURTAINS!!!
I need curtains in the kitchen where the back window has a little see-thru spot!

VOILA!!! Oh yes....I can make 1940's colors work with awesome paisley.
Note the wine bottles... OH YEAH!
I rocked some painting on glass.
I've found it takes something called "patience...?"
I dunno. 2 hours later, 1 was sorta finished.
Next on the Project Home: get Molly's art ON THE WALLS.
Small space, happy heart.
For the first time in a year....I'm happy with my kitchen!
Remember these little guys?
I painted them this summer & couldn't find the perfect frames!
Now they're up in my office! LOVE EM!
So, as you can see, being unemployed hasn't made me crazy, it's just makes me...sorta jobless.
I've been so blessed to begin taking contracts, but they aren't pouring in like crazy. It's good. I'm being given time to get things put together for a workable office. Re-cabling a home & finding ways to connect an ethernet across the house is ToTALLy NOT MY THING.
I thank God for making me an art girl. We have more fun!


Mike and Cymbre said...

Glad to finally see pictures of your place!! Love the curtains!

The Wild Curl said...

Thanks! It's getting closer to feelin' like home... I can't wait to see you guys this weekend!

amberd. said...

Can I have the rose picture you painted when you die? I'm in love.

Luci said...