song favorite of the day: "your hands"

sarah intro'd me to the blessed & talented jj heller this week.
i've listened to her cd "painted red" about 20 times
(okay maybe not 20...but a LOT)!
i found this tidbit online when I was searching for her bio.

she & her husbad are a-maze-zing! i love how she speaks her love to God
& family through peaced-filled music.
you must check out her ground-standing song
on iTunes sampler!
have a happy day o glorious tribe!


guess who has a new logooooo

hello blog tribe! the wild curl is going through some transitions, but is back in action (kinda).
i've a new logo, which i loooove, and some new baby photos on the way!
(no, not mine)

i have to say it,....my friends TOTALLY ROCK!!! oh yes they do.
thank you benjamin. you save me from insanity.
have a happy monday beautiful, life-loving tribe!