Photo Shoots

Have you ever asked God to show you who you are...and He does? Lately I've been struggling with "my purpose." I'm 32, a graphic artist & I feel I'm not doing what He MADE me to do. So I asked... Then the email started coming in, "Would you be free to take some pictures for me?" "Hey, can I get you to do our family photos again this year?" "Hi...I would love for you to take my bridal portraits...pleeeease..."

Now this made me a little nervous, because I put my camera down a couple of months ago when I was getting ready for the Big Move. In a moment of despair, I cried out to My Father "I'm sorry for shoving your gift to the side. SHOW ME, because I might be blind & deaf, what you want me to do with it!" So my phone rang. My good friend Mel was calling to say, "Okay, I have a precious newborn & we want you to take the pictures." So I did.... with a little fear in my heart...but total faith my Papa God would show me the way. And here are a few of the results.

Parker 1...


...& 3!

I've been having an issue with my stuff not "looking like" the Ulmers' or Lyndsay Hyatt-Almeida's (Pink Coffee) photoart. I would love my photos to appear soft & commercial. So what am I missing??? (I ask myself) As you can tell, it's very heavy on my heart....then a friend hit me with a dose of reality. "Kate, maybe your stuff isn't supposed to look like someone else's. You have a style all your own....so accept it, use it & soar above your own expectations." (Letty you're so wise...)

So.....I'm going to give that a shot! Imagine....my own style....
I don't know that I've ever accepted it before!


Molly (Specs & Wings)

So, I'm going to use Thanksgiving to try it out! I'm going to take my camera along as a friend, again, to see what we discover together. Perhaps it'll show me what I've been missing all along.




Birthday Celebrations

God's blessed me with a couple of new designs!
I am totally thrilled to be making new gifts!
My hands need a purpose to share His love with others.

Kathleen's birthday card

Dad's birthday frame, sans card

(which I actually sent in time for the actual date).

How does He use you to make the world smile?


Six Things You May Not Know About Me

Welp, I've been asked to update my blog, soooooo I'm updating my blog. I was tagged by a fellow W. Texan, so I'm following suite on what seems to be the current trend. Woo Hoo!

Six things you may not know about me....
#1. I sang opera in high school & college.

#2. Dallas Cowboys' Cheerleader was my chosen profession until I was old enough to know I really just wanted to be Madonna (gag).

#3. I learned to process & print my own film at the ripe age of 13 when I broke my foot playing volleyball in P.E. Mr. Cadell, my science teacher, appointed me to yearbook staff & taught me how to run a darkroom en solo.

#4. I still like to watch cartoons when I have the Mondays.

#5. Graphic design was self taught in the year 2000....accidentally. *LOL*

#6. I was told by the Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation I would be an FBI Profiler, NOT an opera singer....because I am tone deaf.
(Tell that to the faculty @ Texas Tech)
What are some things people don't know about you???


Inside the MRT Newsroom!

Election Night 2008. I'm sitting in the MRT, observing the action from the graphics dept. Lots of prep work has been going down today, as Jimmy, Stew, Craig & Josh (with several others) have been gearing up for live action from the inside. Jimmy will be interviewing several special guests throughout the evening, with Newsroom Stew blogging away as the action unfolds.

This is all very exciting for a girl who hasn't had much exposure to the election overall. As most of you know, I don't have cable & don't really watch television. Any information I receive is from the newspaper or internet. I've been able to form my opinions from personal research & reading. I like it this way.

I'm soaking in the excitement crackling in the air as votes are being reported. Jimmy's ease on camera goes to show the versatility of our awesome newspaper. I am so thankful for the wonderful opportunity to work with some amazing talent & some insanely crazy folk.

Stay tuned to My West Texas Chatter for total coverage! There are fantastic guests & a few surprises. MRT Publisher Dave Wedel is keeping sentinel as the Presidentials unfold. We're all anticipating the end. This is it, folks....the day we've all been waiting to end.

You're doin' an AWESOME job, Jimmy! Keep it up & thank you for your hard work.

Find me tonight on http://www.mywtxchatter.com/profile/wildcurl !