new to wild curl! - outtakes!

i love some fun during a shoot and did jen & robert ever keep me entertained!

jen,  thank you for...being you.

(as promised, friends, i will now include outtakes as part of my shoots--let the games begin!)

P.s. thank you, o wonderful tribe, for lovin' the me that i am 
& encouraging me to bring my blog to you exactly that way.


jen & robert, take two!

i had so much fun shooting robert & jen, we all agreed we wanted to shoot some more photos!  i am so very glad we did. not only did i get to hang out with this fantastic couple again, but got to try out some new stuff. 
woo hoo! away we goooooo.....!

thanks again, robert & jen! you're awesome folks in every way. 


jen & robert

molly introduced me to jen & robert at her engagement to j party. I hadn't seen them in a while, then jen showed up to work teen chrysalis with me! i was overjoyed! she & robert are fantastical youth ministers & pretty dang fun to hang out with in the afternoon!

They're pretty hilarious! We weren't sure how the shoot would go, because clouds decided to take over our sunset & it got really dark, really fast! LOL  Thanks for sharing your Friday. I hope you have a happy weekend!