Inside the MRT Newsroom!

Election Night 2008. I'm sitting in the MRT, observing the action from the graphics dept. Lots of prep work has been going down today, as Jimmy, Stew, Craig & Josh (with several others) have been gearing up for live action from the inside. Jimmy will be interviewing several special guests throughout the evening, with Newsroom Stew blogging away as the action unfolds.

This is all very exciting for a girl who hasn't had much exposure to the election overall. As most of you know, I don't have cable & don't really watch television. Any information I receive is from the newspaper or internet. I've been able to form my opinions from personal research & reading. I like it this way.

I'm soaking in the excitement crackling in the air as votes are being reported. Jimmy's ease on camera goes to show the versatility of our awesome newspaper. I am so thankful for the wonderful opportunity to work with some amazing talent & some insanely crazy folk.

Stay tuned to My West Texas Chatter for total coverage! There are fantastic guests & a few surprises. MRT Publisher Dave Wedel is keeping sentinel as the Presidentials unfold. We're all anticipating the end. This is it, folks....the day we've all been waiting to end.

You're doin' an AWESOME job, Jimmy! Keep it up & thank you for your hard work.

Find me tonight on http://www.mywtxchatter.com/profile/wildcurl !


Mike and Cymbre said...

First of all---I'm so excited to see a new blog on here!!

Second--how exciting to get to be on that end of the election night!! I bet it was an amazing experience!

cara harjes said...

oh! thanks SO much for your sweet comment on my blog! totally makes me smile! :)