Photo Shoots

Have you ever asked God to show you who you are...and He does? Lately I've been struggling with "my purpose." I'm 32, a graphic artist & I feel I'm not doing what He MADE me to do. So I asked... Then the email started coming in, "Would you be free to take some pictures for me?" "Hey, can I get you to do our family photos again this year?" "Hi...I would love for you to take my bridal portraits...pleeeease..."

Now this made me a little nervous, because I put my camera down a couple of months ago when I was getting ready for the Big Move. In a moment of despair, I cried out to My Father "I'm sorry for shoving your gift to the side. SHOW ME, because I might be blind & deaf, what you want me to do with it!" So my phone rang. My good friend Mel was calling to say, "Okay, I have a precious newborn & we want you to take the pictures." So I did.... with a little fear in my heart...but total faith my Papa God would show me the way. And here are a few of the results.

Parker 1...


...& 3!

I've been having an issue with my stuff not "looking like" the Ulmers' or Lyndsay Hyatt-Almeida's (Pink Coffee) photoart. I would love my photos to appear soft & commercial. So what am I missing??? (I ask myself) As you can tell, it's very heavy on my heart....then a friend hit me with a dose of reality. "Kate, maybe your stuff isn't supposed to look like someone else's. You have a style all your own....so accept it, use it & soar above your own expectations." (Letty you're so wise...)

So.....I'm going to give that a shot! Imagine....my own style....
I don't know that I've ever accepted it before!


Molly (Specs & Wings)

So, I'm going to use Thanksgiving to try it out! I'm going to take my camera along as a friend, again, to see what we discover together. Perhaps it'll show me what I've been missing all along.




pinkcoffee photoart said...

That first picture made me laugh at my screen. You rock!

Molly Kate said...

You are AMAZING!!! I love these! Those precious ones of the little baby are SOOO cute and full of life and personality! Cara's looks full of her beauty and personality. LOve it! And I love the moment you caught hanging out with me...wow. You are doing such an awesome thing with your gift!

amberd. said...

So you are pretty freaking talented! Holy Hell! I am LOVING that Molly (Wings and Spaces) Oh heavens girl...the colors on that are AMAZING! TAKE my Picture yo! You are fantastic!!

I so need to come see you.

amberd. said...

Specs and wings...I knew I didn't get that right...I was just too lazy to go back and read before I left my comment! haha! I suck! But you are great! lol!