Six Things You May Not Know About Me

Welp, I've been asked to update my blog, soooooo I'm updating my blog. I was tagged by a fellow W. Texan, so I'm following suite on what seems to be the current trend. Woo Hoo!

Six things you may not know about me....
#1. I sang opera in high school & college.

#2. Dallas Cowboys' Cheerleader was my chosen profession until I was old enough to know I really just wanted to be Madonna (gag).

#3. I learned to process & print my own film at the ripe age of 13 when I broke my foot playing volleyball in P.E. Mr. Cadell, my science teacher, appointed me to yearbook staff & taught me how to run a darkroom en solo.

#4. I still like to watch cartoons when I have the Mondays.

#5. Graphic design was self taught in the year 2000....accidentally. *LOL*

#6. I was told by the Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation I would be an FBI Profiler, NOT an opera singer....because I am tone deaf.
(Tell that to the faculty @ Texas Tech)
What are some things people don't know about you???

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Mike and Cymbre said...

YEA!! A new blog from Kate! I knew most of those things although the age you learned to develop film was new to me! Let me figure out what people don't know about ME and I'll let you know!