"Captivated" I am. I am totally captivated with what this book is doing in my life & how God is speaking to me through this study. I have read this book 3 times & this has been the best by far. I am doing a summer study with my CBS (Community Bible Study) group & have loved each lesson more than the one before. We, as a group, have bonded in such amazing ways. I love our time together to share & grow to understand one another. I have learned so much about who I am & who God is forming me to be. I'm also discovering the places I need work & healing. Girls, if you've never read this book or done the written study (Mardel), I say, "do it." You won't regret a single moment. God has shocked me more than once & I'm so ready to hear more before the study is finished.

No worries guys, I'd never dream of leaving you out! Stacy's husband, John Eldredge wrote "Wild at Heart, Discovering the Secrets to a Man's Soul." I've read it as well. IT IS AWESOME!!! I now understand men in a way I've never been enlightened before. I've taken a small poll of my male friends & they all agree, John Eldredge finally "got it right." Men love this book as much as women love Captivating. Come to think of it, I'ved love it so much I consider it my handbook to men's thinking. I try to read it once a year as a refresher course to male reasoning. I've heard there's even a "Field Guide" to accompany the book, for men's study.

All in all this time of bonding & study has been so much more than I anticipated. Of course God had it planned from the beginning. I love watching Him unfold the mysteries of our lives. He sure sticks His thumb in the eye from time to time, but it's always for our own good. Yes, even when the pain may feel unbearable. The healing & peace on the other side is completely worth the strain of working our spiritual muscles to their limit. God be praised & glorified for 2nd, 3rd & 65th chances! Ii pray He blesses each of you this week & joy overtakes all bounds! Love to each of you, wherever you are & "...to all a good night."

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Molly Kate said...

Kate, I'm SO HAPPY to see your pics and read your blog!!! You are amazing and I love you! Thank you always for your encouragement.