So I Like to Talk...!

I have recently become very interested in understanding communication & it's cause/effect relationships. Why? Perhaps it stems from growing up in the Mexican-American culture where most feelings are worn on sleeves & everything is about passion. This includes passionate expression when you don't communicate according to a given person's personal rules. Ahhhh...latin love... It's fierce stuff! If you're not careful, feelings are flying around like those weird key-flies from Harry Potter's first movie! I digress (often). I am becoming a student of good communication. One route I've explored is through a book called "Personality Plus" by Florence Littauer. It groups people, more or less, by personality then breaks down the groups to sub-groups to be able to get a grip on an individual's personality. It's awesome, when you remember to apply what you've learned!
Another set of methods I've practiced (& love) is letter-writing, card-sending & emailing. The benefit of these is saying what you want without having immediate response (most of the time). You get some time to say what's on your mind & organize it a little bit (then write & re-write it a 1000 times so it's perfect). The problem with this method is words, unless very carefully selected, could possibly send the wrong message! OUCH! People's feelings sometimes get hurt or information is recieved not as intended. On the other hand, sometimes you just need to say 3 little words to deliver your entire message.

A third communication loop-hole I've used is via I.M (instant messenger for you old folks). When you're far away from people, this is awesome because you're "talking" real time & more gets said in a shorter amount of time, rather than hashing out email of email & waaaaaiting. The bonus of I.M. multi-tasking! Woo Hoo! I can order new sheets online, balance my checking account AND work on a new logo all while chit-chatting it up with a friend. AWESOME NO?! Not really... sometimes you get distracted when you realize you forgot to write down a $65 debit card transaction at HEB & you're overdrawn! WHAAA?! I.M: "sorry...emergency...gotta run!" (....to the bank to cover that debit by your savings account).

Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer good ol' talkin' (unless there's tension involved--then I'd rather hide under a blanket). I love hearing the sound of my friends' voices when they tell me good news. I love for them to hear my reaction, especially when sharing their joy! I love doing housework, gabbing with my best friends & hearing about their lives in return. It's so.....personal. I rather enjoy my people. I love they want to share their glories with me. I love they want to share their hearts & hopes with me! I love crying for joy the first time I hear a new baby crying in the background or speaking God's gentle words of comfort in tough times.

Mostly I think I love communicating with my Papa God. I love telling Him all about my day. I love sharing what's on my heart & rejoicing in Him with my wonderful praises. I know He already knows...but there's just something so fulfilling about being able to share my whole world with Him. I love being able to pour my mind out knowing He's right there, completely fixed on my every word. Then grace begins to flow... and I have my confirmation He's heard every word & has caught every tear in His mighty hand.

My Father God is my most trusted Advisor, Counselor & Friend. I love communicating with him through song, glorifying Him with my art & honoring Him with my most successful photos! He is my inspiration & my heart... He honors me by living in my heart & tenderly showing me new ways to transform my life. My joy & my peace are derived from His very Will for me. If that means telling him everything....you can bet I'll be first in line to blab, as often as I can.

Tell me friends,

how do you

communicate best?

I'll want to make note, so we can communicate in each other's language to strengthen our bonds & share effectively. Let's grab coffee & do what people do...let's communicado.

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Molly Kate said...

I love this...I love to communicate with you!!! I like all kinds of communication! I like in person best :)