Busy, Busy, Busy

I will later regret this, but the storm has me wide awake. I can't believe this is finally up & running. I have been dreaming of TWC for months & it's finally up N running. Life is all about change, isn't it? It's glorious! My sweet friend Molly has been ecouraging me to get posting...so I prayed, packed, prayed some more, procrastinated & here we are! I am so excited to see what God has in store for this blog & my time creating, sharing & hearing from you.

This year has been an amazing array of blessings with plenty of new friends, lots of coffee/tea time & learning a new kind of hobby. Lots of change has occurred, but it's all been good. How could it not, when God is driving? He has revealed so many things about my life, my future & the world around me. It's fabulous! I can't wait to share all the wonders, as I discover them. I have plenty of stories to fill in the space when I'm not actively creating new stuff! Right now...it's move, move, move. However...to appease my friends... I was blessed with a suprising inspiration.

In the midst of packing, opening strange drawers, finding treasures & sealing boxes, I was blessed with the gift of a wonderfully AWESOME suggestion, "...why don't you make a memory box?" So I did! Sundays aren't for work! They're for celebrating God's love & His personal, fulfilling grace. Let me share with you how I plan to keep my sweetest memories preserved.

This came as a surprise to me, because, dear friends, I've been feeling...less than inspired, recently. In fact, I've been a little frustrated. Imagine my suprise when God called me to create something totally unexpected to help me get organized as I'm moving! What a treat for Miss Kate!

I AM SO HAPPY TO BE BACK...and CELEBRATING life with you!!!

Welcome Friends, to The Wild Curl.


Mike and Cymbre said...

I LOVE IT!! and I love your memory box! That is a great way to get pumped up about packing...we all need a little motivation, don't we?!?! I am very excited for you and this change in your life! I know it is something new and fresh! You have had such an exciting year!

Molly Kate said...

KATE!!!!! I am THRILLED with your new blog!!! I am SO EXCITED! I can't wait to see what comes next! I love this box....amazing. You are wonderful! love ya! Welcome to blog world!