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I was searching for a photo, when, of course I found about 15 others I'd forgotten I'd taken. So...I'm going to share. I know a few of you will be happy to see I haven't totally packed my cameras away. I am still playing a little...

The Hemingway--my favorite small bar.

Makayla's Wedding Dress

A Joy-Filled Moment & Surprise from Germany

The Gift of a Lightning Moment

A Collage I Joyfully Created for Molly & Jeremy's Glorious Day


amberd. said...

beautiful. I love seeing the world through your eyes!

pink coffee photoart said...

that wedding dress shot is GORGEOUS!!!

Molly Kate said...

I'm SO glad you're blogging again!I LOVE your pictures!!! and of course your beautiful collage! We are planning to hang it over our couch! I also really like your new background color and profile picture!