An Irreplaceable Role

This week I discovered a secret... I am not in control. I know, I know. Not an amazing discovery. Those of us who have felt God's presence in our lives know we're not in control. Last night I heard the loud voice of Reason tell me just how in control I'm not....and I rejoiced. I REJOICED! No, I'm not insane. My friends tried to tell me of a man they want me to meet & I cut them off before they could finish (because of a few minor details I didn't want to hear). I told them what I want & what I expect. For some reason, as the night wore on, that seemed very rude of me. I came home & began to write in one of my 12 journals. (Yes you read correctly. I have TWELVE.) As I furiously scribbled down the details of my amazing day, I heard God. "Kate, when are you going to stop telling Me how to write the story of your life? Perhaps I have something completely amazing & spellbinding waiting for you...but you're so caught up in your 'perfectly planned details' you just might miss out." That stopped me dead in thought. I mean I stopped writing, I sat in my chair & stared intently at the blank wall. How could He say those things to me? Didn't He put those "perfectly detailed" desires in my heart? Well...yes...but His plans are on a bigger scale than what I can see on the tip of my nose.

All of this lead me to think of my sister who lives in Oklahoma. She's had an incredible year complete with moving out of her house of 10 years, her best friend of 20 years getting married, a move to Florida, working on a boardwalk, riding a bike every single day to & from work, moving back to Oklahoma, emergency surgery, living with our aunt, beginning a new career, moving to a new city & finding a new apartment. How did she get through each day without losing her mind? Total faith in God. She inspires me! I look at her strength, diligence & perseverence and I think, "...now THAT is how I want to live--OUT LOUD & fearless!" My sister has never been married. She's never had children. She's 12 years older than me. But oh how she's LIVED !!! She has travled the world. She's met interesting & fabulously creative people. She's learned & cultivated new interests & hobbies. My sister steps out of her comfort zone on a regular basis to try new things, even when she's not sure how it's going to turn out. She makes sure she schedules fun & travel as often as she can. She enjoys her people & loves fiercely. She's loyal, passionate & knows who she is. She's raised herself from the age of 16 & never lets hard times sink her ship. God created her perfectly for His plan.

After my praise for an awesome example of a strong woman of God, I made a big decision. No more original Kate details or plans! Trust is the order of life. I am going to try my very best & with my whole heart to trust my Father God with everything, every day. He found me a dream apartment. He's leading me to art I never imagined I could make or sell. He's rekindled my love for singing & photography. He is bringing me back to friends I've missed so much. He allowed me to speak a class about our irreplaceable roles in this world. All this since Monday. Can you, my dear ones, imagine what He's going to do by Sunday?! I am on pins & needles to find out.

So tell me, my Tribe...what are your irreplaceable roles in people's lives? What is one role you play no one else in all of eternity can do or be? Please share with me... I am honored to share your secrets of how you bring life to the world!


Molly Kate said...

Wow, what an irreplaceable role you have in my life! You are AMAZING!!! lots of love, molly

Mike and Cymbre said...

I think I'm ready to not be in control again!! It is so stupid how we, as humans, give up control but take it back slowly and discreetly, without even knowing it! As far as my irreplaceable role, I'm pondering it all...