Beautiful Mess

I'm moving. I know I've mentioned it (a few hundred times)...but this is so bitter-sweet for me. I 've loved my life in this place. I have so many memories here. I lived here for 8 years & grew up in this apartment. I found God here & I gave my heart to Him in this living room. My dear friends met here & married. My love for photography was rekindled here. I nursed tears of love, joy, happiness, sadness & heartache downstairs while nursing sick tummies, shared secrets & sprained ankles upstairs. I fixed wedding hair, halloween make-up & date outfits in the enormous bathroom. I've created glorious art & hosted miraculous parties filled with laughter & food in this place. I've stress-baked thousands of cookies, muffins, cakes, loaves & cupcakes. I discovered my secret recipe for & made about 100 lbs of Christmas candy here. Good memories each & every one. Even the tears have a place here. I found myself in this two-story, light-filled joy factory!

This morning at Stonegate (www.stonegatefellowship.com) Patrick talked of a beautiful mess. He went on to a sermon that was awesome, but totally off the subject of today's blog. The "beautiful mess" jumped into my journal. I love the idea. My packing has become a beautiful mess of color, disorganization & cry for help. This move has been tough on my emotions, but my dreams of the new home are so full & rich, I can't help but wonder, "what God is going to do with me there?" I am absolutely beside myself in anticipation of putting the new studio/dining room together! I can't wait to see it organized & open, yet allowing me to create & dream out loud every day! No more hiding supplies in a totally cramped (& uuuugly) closet!! Oh heavenly joy & satisfaction! I can already hear my beautiful mess calling to me begging to stay out & enjoy the sunlight streaming through the huge window at my back!

One great thing about packing up your life & transferring it to a new location is finding stuff you had forgotten you loved so dearly! Today I found: old love letters (& some beautifully written poems) from a high school sweetheart, a SARK book I've been searching high & low for, my tee shirts & sweatshirts from Texas Tech & a set of candy molds handed down from my Mama-San! Celebration ensued over each uncovered treasure! I turned up a mix of techno, 90s "happy music," Kutless & Need to Breathe to get through the day. At one point, I allowed a 20 minute power-nap, which spurred the randomness of baking of cookies (while packing) & biscuits (more packing). Why do I feel the need for my home to smell like my Granny's house all the time??? I'm going to need to buy stock in flour, if I keep this craziness up. Thank goodness I have an office full of eager samplers to pass my stress-baked goods to! I'm also thankful for the support of the Spanish Kissing-Fish Queen & her band of fake eyelash-wearing, glossy lipped divas. Otherwise I might have decided not to make choco-chips for Molly's Day of Glories!

How do you deal with stress? (I've been munching every kind of bad food I can dig up--I feel like a total mental case right about now). What wacko-crazy habits have you created to be able to deal....with....whatever?

Come share my beautiful mess with me, my gorgeous friends! Moving week begins Wed! You're all invited!

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Mike and Cymbre said...

I deal with stress by making lists...whether they be on paper or in my head! Mike gets extremely frustrated with me when I do this so I have started making the lists in my head! I'm sneaky...I know! lol...and some chocolate chip cookies never hurt anyone either!!