beeville disciple NOW tees!

my wonderful friend Mike Bryant asked me to design Grounded Student Ministries' 
Disciple NOW tees for a second year. 
i was so excited & overjoyed to design something for the teens! 



i've volunteered a D-NOW weekend for this church 
& it is an AWESOME example of community outpouring, love & support. 

Thank you Beeville Baptist for this blessing. God be with you all as you proclaim His ways.


Molly Kate said...

I LOVE IT KATE!!! You goin this year? Perhaps we could do the journals again!?! :)

Kate said...

Thanks Mols!

sadly, I'm not, but I will be serving a different kind of retreat this year! God's putting me where He wants me. I'm sad to miss the fun down south & serving with you, though. WEAR THE TEE PROUDLY! LOL