new photos!

i've been trying to find new, unique ways to worship God
where He & i can speak only to each other.

so i've found my photography changing...and growing...

and surprised to find myself doing the same!

i love His mystery, joy & friendships.

come share more with me at molly's blog party, friday!


Mike and Cymbre said...

love it!!!

Molly Swanson said...

Thanks SO much for sharing these! I'm SO EXCITED for Friday! :) Lots of love!It was awesome seeing you on Saturday (hope you're enjoying gg!) p.s. heard you actually liked a little mr.sparks movie! :) YAY!

Kate said...

LOL! Like? I'm looooooooooooooving GG!!!! Thank you so much! I don't ever want it to end. Ha!

I kinda liked it. It wasn't something I'll buy, but a sweet little movie, for sure!