New Blog!

Hey Curly Tribe! I'm updating, blog-style!
 I've been workin' on a new look & I do believe I've found it (till I change my mind again -hA)!
Let me know what you think!

Below are some new photos of a beautiful family that's blown my heart wide open. My time with them has already blessed me so much. I have been whispering a quiet wondering to my own heart, "...am I really doing all God is calling me to do???" I can't begin to tell you all how wonderous faithfulness in God is and how He's moving us to be changed every single day.
Enjoy the new photos, this awesome family's joy & the new blog (I didn't get to catch all 5 kiddos...but time will do its job & allow me to see them again soon)!

A Beautiful Woman Who's Changed my World

Her Adventurer

A Bright Shining Light

Miracle of Love

Art in Motion

Magic Shoes! 

I have loved meeting these energetic, hilarious & wonderous, love-filled family!
I can't wait to share more with you & brave my new world of stepping out of the box by just being me.

Hugs &  Love to You, My Tribe.


Mike and Cymbre said...

LOVE the new look...and the photos!!

Molly Swanson said...

THIS IS AWESOME!!! I LOVE your new blog!!! thanks for sharing it and your photos :) I'm in love with your logo :)

Anonymous said...

Like the new look. Easy to read. Logo is very cute. Yer mum.