Summer Art!

This summer I've had the opportunity to do some different kinds of art, which I've really LOVED! In my graphic arts life/career, I've been given the rockin' job of helping kick off a new city entertainment guide: The Pulse. I was given the awesome job of designing its new logo:

Theeeen my friend Kelly asked me if I'd be willing to help out his FREAKY AWESOME band,
Blacklight Confession. So I designed 'em a poster or two, then went to a couple of shows! They are a crazy fantastic cover band! Come check 'em out this weekend at Hot Shots in d.t. Midland.

God's really been speaking to my heart about trying new things. So Mols lent me some brushes & gouache, then gave me a set of aqua-oils to play with (she's such an encourager of my heart).
So I prayed about what to paint. God told me of a new friend in need...who I've witnessed changing over the summer. So I painted "Freedom in Trust" to give to her. I was so happy what happened when I simply let go & let God show me the way...

*laffin* I had to post this next one 'cause I finally saved up the money to buy my own set of gouache. I went all out & bought a 24 color set which includes glittery silver & gold. I never knew watercolor could be glittery! So exciting for a girl like me! So this lame rendition of my logo was to try out all the colors and, of course, the glittery silver. Ha!

This is my most recent painting. Two Sundays ago, the God-inspired Patrick Payton asked the question of Stonegate Fellowship: "How willing are you to really be consumed by God's fire & meet the person you're supposed to be?" I want that so much! In fact, it's been a constant prayer all summer long & since beginning the TrueFaced Bible study with my wicked-awesome girl group! So I felt very called to paint just how consumed I want to be by Him....

Mols & I had a photo shoot last month...but you'll have to check that out on her blog in the new section "Coffee with Kate." In the meantime, check out her blog Specs & Wings. She's the most beautiful heart I've ever seen & inspires me every single day. I am proud to call her my little sister.

So! I've really loved this summer of art stuff! I have more to post & hopefully will have it more organized by week's end. I've really missed you all & hope to have internet at home soon!

Thanks for all the notes & encouragement I've received this summer. It's certainly been an...interesting one. *LOL*

lotsa love n hugs!

~Miz K


Molly Kate said...

Thank you so much for sharing all of your beautiful art!!! I love all of your paintings! You are such an encouragement to me and I feel so honored to be your sis! Your new painting is GORGEOUS!!! i LOVE it! Speaks to my heart. :)

Mike and Cymbre said...

I LOVE when I see The Wild Curl at the top of my list on my blog...meaning there's been an update!! I've missed you this summer...Thanks for sharing your art (and your heart)!! It's AWE-SOME!

Elizabeth Y said...

Kate, I love what you wrote about being consumed by God's fire, and the painting you did is so reflective of that. Keep running the good race, girlfriend!