Barlow Girl!

God heard another of my silly little prayers & answered! I stood 25 feet from Barlow Girl & sang my heart out with them!!! I was given very surprise tickets to their Million Voices tour. Kathleen & I went to dance, jump, (cry) & PRAISE GOD. We had the GREATEST time! I can't tell you how much their music connects to my life. I love their energy, passion & pure hearts for God. They are such kewl women of God! I love their message & their ministry passions. They are profound examples for young women today.

I was so moved by their stories &, of course, their phenominal music. What gifts!!! By far, one of the best nights of my life. They were exactly as I imagined in my heart & their ministry voices surpass anything I had ever dreamed. I was enraptured by the presence of the Holy Spirit & woke up with a HUGE SMILE on my face this morning!

I thank God for awesome surprises!
He does them best!!!

How has He been surprising you lately????

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